Inspiring people to find meaning and purpose in life.

"When thou shalt have laid aside thy body, thou shalt rise freed from mortality, and become a god fo the kindly skies"

Pythagoras ~ the Grecian Philosopher, 508 BC

Wimbledon Spiritualist Church is affiliated to United Spiritual Fellowship and a respected and progressive Spiritualist Church.

People may wander in as an open minded explorer and stranger but they leave as our friend and return in love and light - it’s one of the reasons that we have a ‘family’ of congregations all over the world. We recognise that ‘no one size fits all’ and welcome everyone who enters with an open mind and is prepared to take personal responsibility for themselves. 

Attending a Spiritualist Church service has prayer, hymns or songs.  On Sundays we normally have an inspirational topic  and you can listen to a reading with thought provoking content, often taken from a diverse range of sources which is usually unprepared and inspired by Spirit at that moment. This is to encourage thinking about our lives through the lens of the Spiritualist philosophy (based on our Church Principles).

We also have Spiritual Healing available at Wimbledon Spiritual Church - this may simply be a time for the congregation to send out their own healing thoughts during the service.  you can drop-in and have individual healing with our healing mediums., which is normally given after the Sunday service between 10:45 - 11:45.  Or alternatively we also give healing on Tuesday (19:00 - 20:30)  and Thursday (10:00 - 12:00).

Our Sunday services include a demonstration of evidential mediumship. This involves the medium relaying messages from the Spirit world to members of the congregation. This is a way of demonstrating the Spiritualist principle of the continuous existence of the human soul.

​We offer refreshments after the Sunday services, which gives people a chance to have a chat and make new friends


If you would like to find out more about our services and what's on every month, please go to our Home page for more informationor contact us via the 'Contact us' page, our Facebook page, Twitter or using the phone number on our home page.

Our Team

Ray Robinson first knew about the afterlife when he continued having conversations with his grandfather after he  crossed over to Spirit in November 1965, He formally begun his development in his teens and has been a member of the Wimbledon Spiritualist Church since then. Along with his wife Jackie, they are joint Presidents of both Wimbledon and  Hackbridge Churches. In addition to this he is also on the council of the United Spiritual Fellowship, an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, registered  Spiritual Healer, Counselor and Medium.

Ashley Robinson is a Spiritualist Medium and Demonstrator from South London, the son of Ray & Jackie Robinson – grandson of Derek Robinson the founder of LAD Promotions.  He sat in circle since the age of 18 with both mediums and tutors such as Christine Woodham, Mary Dixie and Jill Hay. He delivers his messages from those that have crossed over with a wonderful sense of humor and is on point

Ash's Facebook @AshRobinsonMedium 

Website (ashleyr.co.uk)


Rose Anderson has been a Spiritualist since she was a teenager. She was first taught by her mum and sat in Circle where for several years. When she was 19, she trained as a Spiritual Healer and has worked continuously in one field or another ever since. In 2005 she followed her heart and became an ordained Spiritualist Minister with United Spiritualists. She works with cards and tries to give practical readings whilst following all that she learned from Spirit – Derek used to call her the ‘Queen of the Cards’. She's based at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church and has many years experience running circles, training groups, and open platform.

Phil Shaw trained as a Spiritualist Medium with Ivy Northage at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and The College of Psychic Studies where he worked as a professional consultant for many years. He was also mentored for trance by Gordon Higginson and Ursula Roberts at The Arthur Findlay College, is a platform demonstrator/public speaker, and gives private one-to-one readings. Phil runs Open Platform at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church where he has been a member for over 30 years. He has studied Buddhism, Jungian Tarot,

is a qualified Reiki healer, Indian Head Massage Therapist, and has Diplomas in Humanistic Counselling, and Psycholanalytic Psychology from The University of London (Birkbeck), and The Centre for Psychological Astrology, (where he was taught by Liz Greene). His early psychic development and spiritual philosophy has been strongly influenced by the teachings of White Eagle, Silver Birch, Dane Rudyhar, and Plato.

Jeffery Hewitt is an Australian Psychic Medium and Healer, who has been based in the UK since he was 18. He works both aurically for he loves colour and mediumistacally as he has been working as medium for over ten years, working at spiritual churches in and around London.  Prior to that he was sitting in a development circle at the spiritual association of Great Britain. He links to your loved ones in the spirit world and offers proof of survival . 

Website: http://www.jefferyhewitt.co.uk

Rev. Jackie Robinson has been a  Spiritualist for over 40 years and has developed as a healer, medium and counselor. She has given circles, workshops, seminars, meditation classes, and auragraph lessons. She has been a platform medium and speaker since 2000 having worked as a Spiritualist all over the UK and in the USA where she was featured on Mexican TV and radio. She's been working with LAD Promotions since its conception in 1982.  Along with her husband Ray, they are joint Presidents of both Wimbledon and  Hackbridge Churches.

Rachel Davis daughter of Jackie and Ray Robinson and Granddaughter of Derek Robinson, founder of Life After Death (L.A.D.) Promotions.. She like her brother has been coming to these weekends since the year 2000, and has been part of the Wimbledon Spiritualist Church from birth. She sat in circle with her Godmother Jill Hay and subsequently developed as a Spiritual Healer / Counselor under the tuition of Lesley Knight and Danielle Edmonds.

Lesley Knight is on the council of the United Spiritual Fellowship and a Spiritualist Minister. She became involved with Wimbledon and Hackbridge Spiritualist Churches about  21 years ago after losing her mum. She sat in circle with Jackie and then Ray Robinson at Hackbridge Church. Over the years she  developed as a medium and healer and now teaches the trainee healers at Wimbledon Church and runs the Healer Counselor course with her daughter Danielle. She runs a circle and is a qualified Indian Head Massage therapist.

Ivan Lee is a Medium who demonstrates his unique Clairvoyant abilities and Psychic Gifts with a down-to-earth approach, coupled with a warm and witty sense of humour. having worked alongside many mediums, such as Colin Fry and Keith Charles.  He's been featured in the News of the World and regularly in the Psychic News.  He does platform mediumship at many Spiritual Churches and Theaters all over the world, including the USA.

Website: www.ivanleemedium.com
FB: Ivan Lee Medium