A list of frequently asked questions on spiritualism and mediumship that will hopefully enlighten you.  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Q.      What is Spiritualism?

A belief in survival, inspiration and communication with loved ones after the transition of death.


Q.      What happens at death?

The physical body is a vessel, an overcoat of flesh and bone to the house of the spirit person.  When that vessel becomes unfit through age, disease, accident or violence, the spirit leave the body.

Q.      Is it wrong to disturb the dead?

The effort of contact is from the spirit person themselves.  They are sometimes disturbed by our actions on Earth and attempt to give us a hand and guidance.  Modern spiritualism was founded in 1848 when the Fox sisters of Hydesville New York produced knocking sounds that were alleged to be spirit messages from a spirit. 

Soon after John D. Fox, his wife, and six children moved into their new home they began to hear mysterious rapping noises. Two daughters, Maggie and Kate, gradually became brave enough to clap their hands and snap their fingers in an effort to elicit these knocking sounds. A series of raps responded to their initiative.

Soon a simple code of communication was set up between the Fox sisters and the invisible spirit who apparently resided in their home. With time Maggie and Kate learned that the spirit who made these rapping noises was that of a murdered peddler whose remains were buried in the cellar of their home.

News of the Fox sisters' sensational communication with the spirit world travelled rapidly. They had, it seemed, stumbled upon dramatic proof of life after death. Within months they were national celebrities.  

Robert C. Fuller, Spiritual, but Not Religious: Understanding Unchurched America, 2002

Q.   Does the Bible condemn Spiritualism?

The Bible is full of contradictions.   Please refer to the separate leaflet, listing over 60 references from the Bible to positive links to modern spiritualist practises.

Q.   What is life like in the spirit world (heaven)?

 It is more real than this world.  The colours are more vibrant, the music, the artistry, the plants, the fragrances are all beyond imagination.

Q.      Can I contact one specific person?

Only if the person in spirit wishes and is available to communicate at that time.  They are not at our calling.  Communication with one specific person may happen either very quickly, or after a considerable time, or never.  There are various explanations and theories.

Q.   How do loved ones occupy their time in the spirit world?

Depends on their actions while on Earth.  Those who have lived life without harming others will be able to create their perfect vision of a cottage by the sea if they so desire.  After a while they would want to occupy their time in a more positive way, some may choose to help others, and some seek learning in the great halls of learning.

Q.   Does everyone go to the spirit world?

Yes, however if great wrong has been done then restitution will be made before progress can be made.

Q.     What happens to those that have taken their own life?

They will be received in the spirit world with love and understanding and will be given healing and shown that they cannot hide from their fears.  They will have to participate in finding solutions to their earthly problems from the spirit side if they ever wish to progress through the experience.

Q.      Donating organs, does it matter?

 No, as the physical body is not returning to a younger fitter body without illness.  Even an amputation does not transfer to the spirit body.

Q.      What is the best way to investigate?

 Find a local spiritualist church or centre or contact one of the spiritualist organisations.  Be open minded but test and seek proof.

Q.     What is a Spirit Guide?

A teacher and helper from the Spirit world.  The term spirit guide infers that these energies are positive in nature and become known to us to offer assistance in one way or another.  Guides are any spiritual beings that help you at any time during your life for any length of time to become a better person.   Guides may present themselves when you are in a stressful situation or have been with you your entire life.

Q.     What is a Medium?

A person that communicates with the Spirit world and provides evidence of survival by loved ones.

Q.     Why are mediums necessary?

We are not all able to attune to Spirit.

Q.     What is the difference between a Medium and a Psychic?

A Psychic is someone who reads into your everyday life: past, present and future. A Medium is a communicator with those who have passed to   Spirit. Both Psychics and Mediums are highly sensitive beings.  All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums.

Q.      How does spiritual healing work?

 Spiritual healing works by using the spiritual energy force of the Universe.

Q.      Do you have to have faith in the healing?

 The answer is no.

Q.      How do you become a healer?

 2 years of training at a Spiritualist church, clinic or sanctuary.

Q.      Do we recognise spirit people in the same way?

 Yes and no.  Spirit people do change as they are restored by youth, health and radiance.